What Changes Your Body Undergoes When You Use A Waist Trainer?

Having an hour-glass figure like top models or actresses is a dream come true for every woman.  And, many women would go too far to achieve the same. Among different methods of attaining a model-like figure, one of the faster option is a waist trainer.

A waist trainer is a corset-like garment that is woen under your clothes, which presses the major portion of the stomach, by tightening around it. It is more than a simple wear, as the name suggests, it is a trainer. So, wearing it for a considerable amount of time every day, molds your body into that shape. It is usually made of rubber, which causes a lot of sweat. When you use this trainer, it squeezes your organs and drops the water weight of the body. Both of these are not healthy practices.

Though, more and more women, and celebrities are using it, but experts do not recommend the product.